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Apple Jobs – Become Apple Home Advisor

Job Career Description

Make a Career Out of Your Interest.
While you enjoy learning about how technology can help you accomplish all of your favorite activities, you will probably enjoy sharing what you’ve learned with others. As an Apple At Home Advisor, you will be doing just that every day. And it becomes clearer with each customer interaction: you are not simply supporting technology. You will be assisting others. Apple offers you the opportunity to become apple home advisor.

What You Will Do

Whenever clients reach us for assistance, an At Home Advisor is frequently the first person to reply, that is the main duty of an apple home advisor. You will be their personal link to Apple from the comfort and privacy of your own home: warm, caring, and genuine.

You will assist consumers in accessing the magic they have come to expect from Apple by answering inquiries about our products and services. But you will be shocked at what it does for you the next moment you save people’s days.

Working From Home For Apple

People prefer to work at home for a variety of reasons, including convenience, comfort, and a hassle-free commute. Do not let the casual tone fool you: this is a professional position.


become apple home advisor


You will need to have a peaceful, distraction-free work environment with a closed door, a comfortable chair, a desk for the iMac, and preferably a headset we will offer, and your own broadband connection.

Working from home is not for everyone, but if you’re self-assured, dedicated, and self-motivated, it may be a place where work and life coexist.

Apple Will Train And Connect You

You will have access to a network of co-workers at all times, so you will be able to communicate with your team and management via video discussions and chat tools.

You will surely get compensated while learning Apple technologies and becoming familiar with our concept of consumer discussions through an online course led by a live educator.

Benefits of Working For Apple

Even part-time At Home Advisors enjoy a generous benefits package, which includes product reductions and overtime pay off. We also provide a variety of resources to help you advance your career.

And that’s useful because the type of job you will do at Apple in the future may not even exist now.

Apple has indeed been known for providing the greatest customer service in the business for years, and there are hundreds of reasons why: our customer service advisers.

They are inquisitive investigators, skilled problem solvers, and good listeners. Are you one of them? Do you enjoy the feeling of assisting others? Do you have the self-discipline to keep yourself in check?

Are you able to concentrate at home? Do you have the ability to multitask? Are you the next At Home Advisor to join our team? If yes, visit the application website and apply now.

And this is where you did like to start your Apple career, or where you did like to finish? In any case, we are devoted to assisting employees in realizing their full potential. Regular coaching and mentorship will be provided to help you improve your abilities.

You will also earn essential expertise that will help you excel in almost any career, whether at Apple or elsewhere.

Greater Opportunities For Becoming An Apple Home Advisor

Apple has a variety of at-home jobs available. Choose the one that most closely resembles your experience.

Advisor at Home
You will be the welcoming voice of Apple, responding to questions about our products and services and offering global customer service, debugging, and tech assistance as our customers’ initial point of contact.


become apple home advisor


We’ll count on you to listen to our consumers and respond to their demands with your technical skill, creativity, and enthusiasm and also to remember customers that behind our excellent goods are incredible people.

Team Manager at Home
You will also be in charge of giving daily monitoring and encouraging At-Home Advisors to grow. You would have to be customer-focused, self-motivated, and courteous, with a desire to efficiently resolve client difficulties, much like our Advisors.

Web-based meetings and training sessions will be used to oversee Advisors’ performance and progress.

Area Manager at Home
You will also be in charge of a team of Team Managers that will oversee our At Home Advisors. You’ll make sure they’re all doing everything they can to handle consumer complaints about goods and services in a customer-centric way.

With frequent meetings and training sessions, you’ll oversee each Team Manager’s performance and progress. You’ll also be required to give business-level consultancy and generate solutions that meet the needs of the company.

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