Bitter Sweet Love Teasers : July 2024 Latest Episodes

Saturday 1 June 2024
Episode 68

Kunal brings Tara back to Sonia and Indrajit’s house and asks them not to bother him about her anymore; Vandana asks Kunal not to neglect his duties.

Sunday 2 June 2024
Episode 69

Vandana questions Vijay about packed bags; he deceives her. Learning Tara left, Vandana urges Kunal to find her.

Monday 3 June 2024
Episode 70

Kunal and Vandana rush to rescue Tara from kidnappers. Kunal’s choice regarding Tara shocks everyone.

Tuesday 4 June 2024
Episode 71

Vaibhav grows close to Mrunal but distances himself upon seeing Vandana. Kunal is astonished by Sonia and Indrajit’s presence at the celebration.

Wednesday 5 June 2024
Episode 72

Vandana faints upon discovering Vaibhav and Mrunal’s affair. Enraged, Kunal publicly exposes them both.

Thursday 6 June 2024
Episode 73

Atya unveils Vaibhav and Mrunal’s affair truth. Vandana fumes as Mrunal discloses Vaibhav’s genuine feelings.

Friday 7 June 2024
Episode 74

Vandana confronts her family for concealing the truth. Vijay discloses Hemant’s marriage intentions. Determined, Vandana chooses to seize control of her life.

Saturday 8 June 2024
Episode 75

Vaibhav and Mrunal are stunned as Vijay tells them to leave. Mrunal urges Vaibhav to take her home, but he hesitates, avoiding her plea.

Sunday 9 June 2024
Episode 76

Kunal finds Vandana upset and encourages her to seize control of her future. Indrajit’s ire is provoked as Sonia sympathises with Vandana.
Monday 10 June 2024
Episode 77

Hemant is enraged by Vijay’s decision on Vandana Nivas. After Sarita pleads for forgiveness for Vaibhav, Vandana makes a choice.

Tuesday 11 June 2024
Episode 78

Vandana refuses to return to her in-laws due to their mistreatment and, motivated by Vijay, decides to divorce Vaibhav.

Wednesday 12 June 2024
Episode 79

Vandana empathises with Kunal and tries to lift his spirits. Meanwhile, Mrunal returns home and demands a share of the house.

Thursday 13 June 2024
Episode 80

At their divorce trial, Sonia demands joint custody of Tara. When Kunal refuses, she challenges him to a paternity test.

Friday 14 June 2024
Episode 81

Vandana vows to always stay with Tara, promising eternal companionship. Vedika becomes anxious for Kunal after witnessing his distress.

Saturday 15 June 2024
Episode 82

Vandana is shocked when an intoxicated Kunal breaks down before her and subsequently acknowledges Tara as his daughter.

Sunday 16 June 2024
Episode 83

After discovering the truth about Tara’s biological father, Kunal becomes emotional. Meanwhile, Vaibhav arrives at Vandana’s house with a devious plan.

Monday 17 June 2024
Episode 84

Vaibhav demands Vandana’s share of the house in exchange for signing the divorce papers. Vandana seeks legal advice from Abhira.

Tuesday 18 June 2024
Episode 85

Vaibhav and Mrunal plan to sell the house to teach Vandana a lesson. Kunal confronts Sona for keeping Tara away from him.

Wednesday 19 June 2024
Episode 86

Vaibhav humiliates Vandana publicly, accusing her of an affair with Kunal. Kunal defends Vandana and puts Vaibhav in his place.

Thursday 20 June 2024
Episode 87

Vedika urges Kunal to accept Tara, as she needs his love. Anagha advises Vandana to persuade Vijay to sell the house, but Vandana strongly opposes the idea.

Friday 21 June 2024
Episode 88

When Vandana brings Tara to meet Sonia, Sonia speaks ill of Kunal in front of her. Vandana intervenes, ensuring Sonia doesn’t mislead Tara against Kunal.

Saturday 22 June 2024
Episode 89

Vandana informs Kunal that his anger is affecting Tara. Anagha requests Shivam to convince Vijay to sell the house.

Sunday 23 June 2024
Episode 90

Vandana criticises Hemant for pressuring Vijay to sell the house. Sonia is furious witnessing Vandana and Kunal together, especially with Tara’s affection towards them.

Monday 24 June 2024
Episode 91

Sonia arrives at Vandana’s house wearing the sari gifted by Kunal during their marriage. Vandana and Kunal perform a dance together.

Tuesday 25 June 2024
Episode 92

Vandana and Kunal rescue Tara from a mishap while burning crackers. Soniya feels insecure and accuses Kunal of taking Tara away from her.

Wednesday 26 June 2024
Episode 93

Kunal trusts Sonia and believes Vandana used Tara to get close to him. He asks Vandana to stay away from Tara, angering Vandana by the accusation.

Thursday 27 June 2024
Episode 94

Sonia becomes agitated when her friends mention Kunal’s name, prompting Indrajit to inquire if she still loves him. Pammi introduces Kunal to Simmy.

Friday 28 June 2024
Episode 95

Kunal discovers Tara’s letter expressing her desire to meet Vandana. He warns Tara against thinking about Vandana, but she disregards his caution.

Saturday 29 June 2024
Episode 96

Vandana begs Kunal not to keep Tara away from her, but Kunal explains why it’s not in Tara’s best interest. Vandana interrupts a murder attempt on Vijay.

Sunday 30 June 2024
Episode 97

Kunal asks Vandana to maintain her distance from Tara’s life. Later, Vandana becomes anxious for Vijay’s safety when a mysterious person sneaks into his room.

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