Content Marketing On LinkedIn

Content Marketing On LinkedIn

Content Marketing Strategy: An Analytical Overview

Welcome once again to my blog, In this article, we will be discussing on content marketing strategy on LinkedIn. The reason I’m bringing it up is that content marketing is the new way of selling. It’s no longer the direct approach where you can just pick up the phone and call someone or send them an email and get their attention.

It’s all about making yourself known to try and make the times when you do pick up the phone and call them, send them an email, or ask for their time a little bit warmer.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a kind of marketing that entails the development and distribution of online content such as films, blogs, and social media postings that do not directly promote a brand but are designed to pique interest in its products or services.

Content Marketing Strategy: What You Need To Know

The reason I bring this up is that I’ve operated an industrial marketing business for the last five years, and we’ve written and produced plenty of content, which comes in one of two forms: articles or videos. About half of consumers still prefer the printed word. The younger generation is infiltrating those positions of people you’re trying to get attention to, and they’re going to want to see engaging videos more than written word. I have a feeling that it’ll creep up to 70 to 80 as the younger generation keeps infiltrating those positions of people you’re trying to get attention to.

But we’ve literally written hundreds, if not thousands, of highly technical articles, case studies, and white papers for our clients at the marketing agency in the last few years. We have also done hundreds, if not thousands, of videos for them solely to get attention. You’re actually doing two things that we’re appeasing Google and we’re appeasing their potential customers as trying to sell to we’re trying to either educate or entertain.

The Systematic Drop Down

I can’t create content; I’m not going to shoot videos; I’m not going to write articles; I don’t have time for that. I promise you that if you do it strategically, you will make time for it because of the results you’ll get. You don’t need a large staff; if you’ve already worked for a company that produces content, great; if you haven’t, great; but if you don’t.

But content marketing is the new way of selling, so how are you going to create the content?

Hopefully your company is creating content, whether it’s articles or posting things on their company page, and then your job is strictly to share it from there, so you go to your company page, find their most recent post, and you just click share, write a little something to it, add some hashtags to it.

That’s going to be the fastest and easiest way going in and liking it, yes it does work because then people will see it in their newsfeed as they’re scrolling through it.

Content Marketing Strategy: Who To Market To

You need to think about the personality behind the person you’re trying to sell to. If they’re an engineer, they might be interested in 3d printing, robotics, automation, or other related topics. Look at industry posts by doing a Google search for robotics magazine, medical device magazine, or whatever it is that you’re looking for. Find a relevant article, a recent article, and then copy and paste that link and share it.

Content Marketing Strategy: Using Paid Ads

Then you’re going to put your two cents to it, add some hashtags to it. It’s fantastic to at least get the stuff out there, that way you’re not only concentrating on look at me, you’re just saying, this is an excellent information, I have read this article and I loved it. When you look at it from a personal aspect, the people you’re trying to market to will like it and will turn to LinkedIn, which is what a lot of people do. They convert LinkedIn into their news source and news feed, and they’re receiving things that are only relevant to them.

They’re not looking at a bunch of international stuff they don’t care about or local crime and stuff like that that’s on TV; they’re looking at business things that they’re interested in and that are relevant to them, and you could be the source of that, if you’re posting that content.

You’ll be surprised at how much information you already have in your brain once you start writing it down and tearing apart every aspect of your job and everything that you deal with everything that you’ve learned over the years and breaking them into funnels and categories the information you have in your brain will be shocking.

Content Marketing Strategy: Writing Content On LinkedIn

It might be as easy as creating a long form post. A long form post is just writing and separating out with lines and just writing 200 words 300 words that’s approximately you know 1300 characters. Add some hashtags, a link back to your firm, and a link to your calendar, so that people can schedule time with you. If you don’t want to create full-fledged LinkedIn articles or posts, or make a blog post and put it on your website, you may just write long-form LinkedIn posts and ask questions.

Share some experience and say, “When I was in this department and doing this job, this is something that we struggled with,” and “Everyone’s dealing with those challenges,” and “If you really look at everything that’s in your mind, every experience that you’ve ever had, other people will like that content and they’ll find it engaging and they’ll find it like hey, you’re talking about something,” and “Everyone’s dealing with those challenges.”

Content Marketing Strategy: Posting Videos On LinkedIn

You’ll be surprised at how things turn out. The other aspect is going to be video. Taking your phone and shooting a video like this saying I’m at the plant, I’m at the company, I’m on location of this customer, or whatever just shooting a quick video does not have to be high production all you have to do is be able to see and hear yourself and on video sound is always more important than what people actually see, good quality sound tons of tools out there and you can look that up through Google to figure it out.

Posting Content Regularly

By now, you should start having the feelings that content marketing strategy works and I’m here to tell you once more that you need to make that commitment and post every single day. It doesn’t have to be a video every day; you can set up a schedule like we do with a lot of our clients, which is one video a week, one article a week, and then industry news or relevant things the other three days of the week, but you need to do it every single day because, content marketing strategy is what you need to be consistent with, you never know when people are logging on or what time and the people on LinkedIn will share your content and the other aspect of it is that when you post something and someone comments or likes it or is constantly commenting and liking it, you have to show them some love back by replying to every single comment. I’ve had people say things like this video wasn’t that good or I didn’t really like the sound quality.

I just reply and say thank you for writing that comment, which happens a lot on my YouTube channel where people are hating or taking time out of their day to write a negative comment, which I think is ridiculous because if you don’t like something just move on, and you just need to go in there with your head held high and just say thanks I appreciate it, you I’ll definitely look at that I’ll consider that whatever it is, but they’ve taken time out of their day.

You never know who that person is, or who you could sell something to or where that person will end up working. They might end up being a prospect down the road because in this industry, especially in the technical industry, a lot of people jump ship and go from job to job and you never know where they’ll end up.

They might be that influencer or decision maker that you’re going to try and sell to, hopefully you’ve already made that commitment.

In Conclusion:

I’m here to remind you about being persistent and consistent, you must do this every single day, because this strategy really works (content marketing strategy). This is not a one-week-on-one-week-off thing. You must do this every single day for at least 30 to 60 days. I promise you that the return on this, even in a short period of time, will be significantly greater than what you put in.

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