Caregiver Jobs in Malta with Visa Sponsorship 2024/2025 – Apply Now

With caretaker positions with visa sponsorship, Malta offers a unique opportunity for those who want to experience a new country and fulfill their urge to give back to others. Being a caregiver is a fulfilling experience since it enables you to help and spend time with those who need your support.

It also gives your work purpose and fulfillment, so be sure to give it your full attention. Malta’s lush surroundings and vibrant art scene are wonderful benefits for caregivers seeking a new beginning. Visa sponsorship makes it simple for you to begin working overseas, allowing you to concentrate on forming the kinds of connections that are important to you.

Job Details

  • Job Title: Caregiver Jobs
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Country: Malta

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Employment of caregivers in Malta with visa sponsorship requires persons who are considerate, patient, and suitable for communication.

  • These positions usually require the workers to have relevant caregiving experience, which could be acquired by working in a nursing home, a hospital, or with people with disabilities.
  • Furthermore, a formal certification in caring/healthcare is mostly sought.
  • Medical knowledge and skills for the application of medical procedures and the ability to perform daycare activities are included under the mandatory requirements for the caregiver positions in Malta.
  • Prospective candidates who apply for caregiver jobs with visa sponsorship should be ready to undergo background checks and reference checks and be prepared to show evidence of reliability and trustworthiness.
  • This is the case, as English language proficiency of a good standard is usually a prerequisite for this job
  • Care providers must be proficient with both the patients and the healthcare professionals.


Caregiver jobs in Malta with visa sponsorship come with numerous benefits for those trying to find an enriching career in caregiving.

  • First of all, having visa sponsorship assures both employment and residing legally keeping away all the notions about the status of immigration being a burden.
  • Such stability empowers caregivers to concentrate on their job and correctly deliver the desired care to the ones in need.
  • In addition, occupying the position of a caregiver, one gets a strong feeling of purpose and achievement as part of their mission is to make a difference in the lives of people who might need support and care.
  • The caregivers are given the chance to develop vital skills in healthcare, communications, and empathy, which could be a personal and professional catalyst.
  • Additionally, the breathtaking landmarks and amusing culture of Malta add up to a wonderful setting for caregivers to take a rest and at the same time enjoy the place during their leisure time, harmonizing their daily life.


  • Caregiver jobs in Malta with visa sponsorship require the candidates to have compassion, patience, and commitment.
  • Ensuring that the safety and well-being of the individual should be your top priority at all times is very significant.
  • Caregivers have to do so many things and this includes not only maintaining a lot of stuff like keeping records of their activities
  • They should also communicate with healthcare professionals and family members.


In the context of caregivers’ jobs in Malta with visa sponsorship, salaries can differ and be affected by variables including expertise, credentials, and the employer you are attached to. In general, Malta’s caregivers can expect salaries in the range of €15,000–€20,000 per year on average. But, depending on how their expertise is used, a caregiver may be able to work for more money. Employers who can sponsor visas may give other benefits like providing accommodation, insurance, and travel allowance. Caregivers must undertake a broad search and negotiate their salary and benefits to get fair compensation for their invaluable job.

Type of Jobs

Malta is an island country that is a place of interest for a wide range of people worldwide as it has a long history and very pleasant scenery. For people seeking caregiver jobs in Malta with sponsored visas, there are a lot of chances to choose from. These include:

  • Elderly support assistants
  • Disability support workers
  • Children’s caregivers
  • Live-in caregivers’ aides
  • Home health attendants
  • Respite caregivers
  • Dementia care specialists
  • Rehabilitation assists
  • Palliative care nurses
  • Mental health support workers.

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How to Apply?

The caregiver jobs in Malta could become a great opportunity for you to get some valuable experiences, self-realization, and a chance to make a positive difference in the lives of others that will surround you in an exciting and friendly community. Caregiver jobs with visa sponsorship in Malta not only provide a rewarding pathway to a career but also give a chance to explore a different culture and to upskill in caregiving in a supportive climate.

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