Divya-Drishti Teasers February 2024 Latest Episodes

Monday 1 January 2024
Episode 9

Drishti tricks Rakshit into marrying her; Pishachini kills Chiranjeev while a rude shock awaits Divya.

Tuesday 2 January 2024
Episode 10

Shekhar teams up with Pishachini to murder Divya on their wedding night, while Rakshit suspiciously follows Drishti and misinterprets her actions.

Wednesday 3 January 2024
Episode 11

Pishachini and Mohana team up for evil, as Drishti predicts a dangerous attack on Divya.

Thursday 4 January 2024
Episode 12

Shekhar saves Divya from an attack by Mohana, but Divya accidentally hurts Drishti with a knife in the process.

Friday 5 January 2024
Episode 13

Pishachini conspires with Shekhar to harm Divya, while Lavanya argues with Drishti and Drishti has a vision of deception.

Saturday 6 January 2024
Episode 14

Drishti and Rakshit have a special moment at the Holi party, while Divya discovers Drishti’s true identity. Drishti gets trapped by Pishachini but seeks help for Divya.

Sunday 7 January 2024
Episode 15

Mohana, Bichu, Divya, Drishti and Lavanya save and protect Pishachini, but she surprises them with her actions during a cooking contest.

Monday 8 January 2024
Episode 16

Pishachini stays with the Shergill family, causing concern over Shekhar’s health. She then carries out her evil plan during the Satsang.

Tuesday 9 January 2024
Episode 17

Divya-Drishti unite to find their mother’s killer, while Pishachini mistakenly goes after Lavanya, thinking she is Divya’s sister.

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