My Desire Teasers: March 2024

Friday 1 March 2024
Episode 1061

Suraj and Pankaj vow to take revenge on Kaashvi. Kaashvi and Arjun face an awkward situation when they get a honeymoon suite in the hotel.

Saturday 2 March 2024
Episode 1062

Nitya is content to keep the truth behind her father-in-law’s death a secret. Arjun feels jealous when Kaashvi meets her childhood friend Kabir.

Sunday 3 March 2024
Episode 1063

Kaashvi completes the Puja and is shocked when she bumps into Arjun’s grandfather. Meanwhile, Arjun gets worried by Kaashvi’s sudden absence.

Monday 4 March 2024
Episode 1064

Kaashvi is confused when Arjun’s grandfather collapses after seeing his image. She learns about Samrat’s last meeting with Arjun’s grandmother.

Tuesday 5 March 2024
Episode 1065

Kaashvi’s decision to stay another night in Haridwar with Kabir makes Arjun jealous. Kaashvi and Kabir bring Arjun’s grandfather to Faridabad.

Wednesday 6 March 2024
Episode 1066

Kaashvi becomes worried when Arjun questions her about the Haridwar trip. Nitya is shocked after finding Kaashvi with Arjun’s grandfather.

Thursday 7 March 2024
Episode 1067

Romila gets caught stealing jewelry from Mrs. Sabharwal’s locker. Nitya decides to instigate Arjun against Kaashvi to ruin their marriage.

Friday 8 March 2024
Episode 1068

After learning that the Sabharwals’ house is on fire, Arjun rushes to save them. Nitya confronts Arjun’s grandfather to execute her evil plan.

Saturday 9 March 2024
Episode 1069

Kaashvi is shocked to see Nitya trying to kill Arjun’s grandfather. Arjun defends Kaashvi when Romila questions her for lying to the Bajwas.

Sunday 10 March 2024
Episode 1070

Arjun confronts Kaashvi about her secret meeting with Kabir. Kaashvi realises that Arjun can’t be the attacker and brings him to meet his grandfather.

Monday 11 March 2024
Episode 1071

Emotions run high as Arjun sees Dadaji alive and decides to bring him home. Nitya is shocked to see Dadaji.

Tuesday 12 March 2024
Episode 1072

Nitya devises a sinister plan to frame Aruna for trying to kill Arjun’s grandfather. Aruna breaks down in tears when the Bajwas accuse her.

Wednesday 13 March 2024
Episode 1073

Nitya convinces Suraj and Pankaj to give false confessions against Aruna. Mahima is shocked to see Pradyumna getting married to another girl.

Thursday 14 March 2024
Episode 1074

Nitya is worried about the improvement in Arjun’s grandfather’s health. Spotting Mahima selling a necklace, Nitya hatches a plan to trap Kaashvi.

Friday 15 March 2024
Episode 1075

Kaashvi tries to convince Nitya that she did not steal her necklace. Arjun pretends to believe Mahima’s story and tricks her into exposing her lie.

Saturday 16 March 2024
Episode 1076

Arjun’s father helps him realise that he is in love with Kaashvi. Kaashvi learns that Arjun has failed the test and lies to him about it.

Sunday 17 March 2024
Episode 1077

Arjun arranges a romantic date for Kaashvi to express his feelings to her. Elsewhere, Nitya hatches a sinister plan and abducts Arjun’s grandfather.

Monday 18 March 2024
Episode 1078

Arjun and Kaashvi spend a romantic moment together. Later, Kaashvi gets shocked when she discovers a disguised person sleeping in Arjun’s grandfather’s place.

Tuesday 19 March 2024
Episode 1079

When Arjun and Kaashvi arrive to save Arjun’s grandfather, Nitya anxiously escapes to save herself. Mahima devises a plan to stay in the Bajwa house.

Wednesday 20 March 2024
Episode 1080

Arjun learns from his batchmate that he didn’t pass the exam and that Kaashvi lied to him about the results. Arjun decides to take a drastic step.

Thursday 21 March 2024
Episode 1081

Arjun lashes out at Kaashvi for hiding the truth about his result. Mahima confronts Nitya after learning about her attempt to kill Dadaji.

Friday 22 March 2024
Episode 1082

Mahima demands money from Nitya when she learns about the latter’s intent to kill Dadaji. Nitya criticises Kaashvi for her lie about Arjun’s result.

Saturday 23 March 2024
Episode 1083

Nitya plans to get Mahima killed by a snake, but her plan backfires when Arjun gets bitten by the snake. Kaashvi risks her life to save Arjun.

Sunday 24 March 2024
Episode 1084

Arjun forgets about his anger toward Kaashvi and is overjoyed to see her regain consciousness. Nitya uses this opportunity to move Dadaji into her room.

Monday 25 March 2024
Episode 1085

Kaashvi and Arjun rush to the hospital with Dadaji after he is unresponsive; as the doctor declares Dadaji dead, Arjun and Kaashvi plan to catch the murderer.

Tuesday 26 March 2024
Episode 1086

Nitya pretends to be shocked about Dadaji’s death; Arjun learns that he is inheriting Dadaji’s life savings in the form of rare diamonds.

Wednesday 27 March 2024
Episode 1087

Arjun gets excited about Kaashvi’s training and plans to confess his feelings for her. He also warns Mahima when she tries to turn him against his family.

Thursday 28 March 2024
Episode 1088

After seeing Mahima in Arjun’s lap, Kaashvi has questions. Meanwhile, Kaashvi furiously slaps Pradyumna when he tries to get a tender by bribing her.

Friday 29 March 2024
Episode 1089

Arjun feels dejected when Kaashvi fails to spare a moment to meet with him. Later, Arjun plans a surprise date for Kaashvi to express his feelings to her.

Saturday 30 March 2024
Episode 1090

Arjun plans a date for Kaashvi and is ready to express his feelings to her; Mahima shows up with the family members and spoils Arjun and Kaashvi’s party.

Sunday 31 March 2024
Episode 1091

Mahima blames Kaashvi for making Arjun wait at her office and tries to turn him against Kaashvi; Mahima’s plan backfires when Kaashvi reveals a shocker.

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