New Z83 Application Form 2024/2025 – Pdf Download | How to Fill

New Z83 Application Form 2024 is Online | 2024 New Z83 Application Link, How to Fill, Use and Download New Z83 Application Form.


What Is Z83 Form, and What Are Its Uses?

A Z83 form is the type of form that is required to be filled and submitted by those interested in government jobs.

The major use of the form is that without it, applying to work for any government department is impossible.

How To Download, Fill And Use The New Z83 Application Form

  1. Download the Z83 form either in PDF or Word format. You can find the links to download them below.
  2. Fill in your correct details I’m the necessary spaces.
  3. Get the reference ID for the job and put it in the form.
  4. Make sure there are no mistakes. There is no coming back from anyone.
  5. In case you are asked for your CV, attach a soft copy of your CV.

How To Download Z83 New Application Form (Pdf Format & Word Format)

The hard copy of the form is available and you can it at any government department in every province in South Africa.

New Z83 Form – Download And How To Fill

The new Z83 form Application for Employment is available for download. It has been updated effective 2024 to make the application process more manageable. It will be possible to edit, save, and send the DPSA Z83 form online, eliminating the need for printing. We also show you how to fill out the new Z83 form below.

Download the new Z83 Application form (PDF)

In the recruitment process, the new Z83 is used by all government, local and provincial governments, and all parastatals.

Attached to the application should be a comprehensive CV and copies of qualifications and identity documents (all documents must be submitted as PDF attachments in one email and no more than 10MB in size).

How to Fill New Z83 Form

An application is often the first opportunity the job seeker has to make a good first impression so, in order to maximise your chances of landing a job opportunity in a government department, these are the following steps to follow when filling the Z83 form. The form also has a new set of questions being asked.

  1. Read the entire form thoroughly. This will help you to clearly understand all the questions on the application form. If you find it difficult to under- stand or satisfactorily answer some questions, you can ask someone to help you.
  2. Follow the instructions on the application form.

Section A

  • Ensure to fill in the correct reference number exactly as it appears in the job ad.
  • State your availability. If you are available immediately, you should then put ‘IMMEDIATELY’ in the last block.

Section B

  • Fill in personal details which include your surname, full names, date of birth, ID number if you are a South African citizen, and a passport number if foreign national.
  • Mark an ‘X’ under the correct choice in the race section.
  • Mark an ‘X’ for the Yes/No questions.
  • Fill in the additional information when asked.

Section C

  • Fill in your preferred language for correspondence and circle the method of correspondence you prefer. This would be the way they communicate with you.
  • Under contact details:
    • Should you have circled ‘Post’, fill in your postal address.
    • Should you have circled ‘E-mail’, fill in your email address.
    • Should you have circled ‘Telephone’, fill in your telephone number or cellphone number.

Section D

  • Fill in the languages you speak by writing in the grey area.
  • Rate each language to state whether you’re ‘good’, fair’, or ‘poor’ under each language in each block.

Section E

  • In this section, you are required to provide your qualification stating the name of the institution, the year in which you completed the qualification including the name of the qualification.

Section F

  • Provide your work experience information such as the name of the company, position held, and period and state the reason for leaving the job.

Section G

  • Here you are required to give details of your references including their name, contact details, and the relationship.


  • Signature and date the Declaration. Please note that if your application form is not signed or dated, it will not be considered since it has not been authorised by the applicant. Please ensure that you complete the form and sign it.

Observations You Should Make Filling Out The New Z83 Form

All information will be handled in the strictest secrecy and will not be disclosed or used for any other reason than to determine a person’s fitness unless needed and allowed by law. Your ID or passport must match the personal information you have entered on the form exactly.
You will need your passport number if you are not a South African.

To be in compliance with the Employment Equity Act of 1998, the government requires this data. Only if it directly pertains to the requirements of the employment will this information be taken into consideration.
The Executive Authority shall take into account any criminal records against the nature of the business in accordance with internal information security and disciplinary standards.

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