Nikiwe Teasers February 2024 Latest Episodes

Monday 1 January 2024
Episode 186

The Radebe’s Under Attack

The Radebe’s find themselves under attack by Mazibuko’s goons. During the chaos, Bonnie is knocked out cold and Nikiwe gets shot. Nikiwe learns that someone has a hit out on them.

Tuesday 2 January 2024
Episode 187

Survival Games

Nikiwe forces the gunman to lower his gun when she bursts in. Wendy is cornered by Sam. Ntsika makes a decision about Lulu. While, Ntsika has to fight for his life.

Wednesday 3 January 2024
Episode 188

Deception’s Dance

Bheki is ensnared by Nikiwe’s hidden gun, the plot thickens when Detective Maake steps onto the scene and Masibisi craftily obscures the truth about the ordeal, thrusting Nikiwe into a web of deception.

Thursday 4 January 2024
Episode 189

Together Forever

The Radebe’s are determined to keep the attack to themselves by continuing the lie. Lulu begs Khulubuse to intervene in the Mazibuko-Radebe situation. And Menzi finally agrees to do the gig.

Friday 5 January 2024
Episode 190

Home Invasions

Final episode!

Having insisted on staying, Ntsika finds life in the Radee house tough and Masibisi constantly reminds him of his betrayal. Warona and Wendy are accomplices in Sam’s home invasion.

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