Suidooster Teasers – March 2024

Thursday 1 February 2023
Episode 218 (1987) 218

Bianca and Lee-Ann butt heads about the fundraiser for the pool. Siya and Danni try to focus on the futrue, while Nazeem is anxious to get away.

Friday 2 February 2023
Episode 219 (1988)

Carlo is still on a mission to make the selection for the trip to France. Siya and Danni have to stand together to process the news, and Zoe wonders if she should tell Laylla the truth.

Monday 5 February 2023
Episode 220 (1989)

Danni is eager to make her and Siya’s dreams come true, while Zoe is put in her place. The Samsodiens try to make sense of what happened, but then something happens that changes everything…

Tuesday 6 February 2024
Episode 221 (1990)

Tensions run high as the shocking news spreads. Susan is getting fed up with Lee-Ann, while Carlo is going through a difficult time.

Wednesday 7 February 2023
Episode 222 (1991)

Nazeem’s future looks pitch black, while Siya and Danni are at loggerheads about the adoption of another child. Lee-Ann is overwhelmed with the swimming pool project and takes it out on her two assistants.

Thursday 8 February 2023
Episode 223 (1992)

Bridgette discovers something shocking, while Danni and Siya get under each other’s skin. Lee-Ann puts Ty to work and Susan helps Carlo with his article.

Friday 9 February 2023
Episode 224 (1993)

Everyone is confused about the shocking events. Carlo receives excellent news, but cannot share it with his parents.

Monday 12 February 2023
Episode 225 (1994)

Danni and Siya adapt to having a baby in the house, but the future remains unclear. Ty and Lee-Ann feel bad after Carlo’s achievement, while there’s a big twist in Nazeem’s life.

Tuesday 13 February 2023
Episode 226 (1995)

Rhafiek becomes suspicious of an eyewitness. Danni struggles to say goodbye to Mia, while Carlo has big news for his family and friends.

Wednesday 14 February 2023
Episode 227 (1996)

Lee-Ann has a crazy idea, while Aiden’s dark side makes an appearance. Nazeem becomes more of a lost cause when his family abondons him…

Thursday 15 February 2023
Episode 228 (1997)

Kate is on cloud nine after Aiden’s negotiations with Nazeem. Bridgette has a date with a charming man, while Zoe plays with fire.

Friday 16 February 2023
Episode 229 (1998)

Zoe goes out of her way to try to be there for Nazeem, while Danni and Siya are at odds about the way forward for them as a family. Bianca is curious about Mymoena’s new friend …

Monday 19 February 2024
Episode 230 (1999)

Zoe is committed to helping Nazeem, while Siya looks for an additional source of income. Mymoena reaches out to Sammy and Angie surprises Wade …

Tuesday 20 February 2023
Episode 231 (2000)

Siya starts his new job, while Angie looks for a quick fix for her cold. Bridgette is shocked by Zoe’s involvement with Nazeem, and he is bitter towards his family.

Wednesday 21 February 2023
Episode 232 (2001)

Siya and Danni reach an agreement about their future, but Danni has other ideas. There’s conflict at JPD about Tim’s role, while Wade goes on a mysterious excursion.

Thursday 22 February 2023
Episode 233 (2002)

Carlo job shadows Tim, while there is conflict between the Thulis again. Mymoena is on cloud nine after her course with Sammy, but how long will it last?

Friday 23 February 2023
Episode 234 (2003)

It’s a day full of surprises for the Thulis, while Sammy is honest again about how he feels about Bridgette. Wade owes Angie an explanation, and Tim gets the opportunity of a lifetime.

Monday 26 February 2023
Episode 235 (2004)

Angie invites more people to come to Wade’s yoga session. Danni is back at JPD and Nazeem hears about Tim’s frustrations.

Tuesday 27 February 2023
Episode 236 (2005)

Danni and Siya try to put aside their differences, and Rhafiek is sceptical of Sammy’s intentions. Tim tries to convince the JPD board of something and Wade gives another yoga class …

Wednesday 28 February 2023
Episode 237 (2006)

The Thulis are at a crossroads and Mrs J lends a helping hand. Mymoena thinks all is well with her and Sammy, but discovers the opposite.

Thursday 29 February 2023
Episode 238 (2007)

Mymoena makes peace with Nazeem, but the tension between her and Rhafiek boils over. Brendan struggles with the new setup between Siya and Danni, while Tim becomes increasingly frustrated with his work.

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