Summertide Teasers: April 2024 Latest Episodes

Sunday 3 March 2024
Episode 6

Tristan finds Julia’s old camera. Martin is reluctant to look at the old footage, but when Tristan disobeys him and edits the footage, secrets and painful memories are opened.
Sunday 10 March 2024
Episode 7

While Martin tries to face the memories of his wife’s drowning, and Tristan turns to Yolande, Lucy is forgotten. Gavin comes up with an unexpected plan to help Rebecca.

Sunday 17 March 2024
Episode 8

Martin tackles over-fishing in the bay. Tristan gets himself into serious trouble. And things go from bad to worse when Martin shares the secret of Julia’s death with Tristan.
Sunday 24 March 2024
Episode 9

Tristan takes Yolande out on a boat, but things go terribly wrong. Rebecca and Gavin rally together to renovate the restaurant. And Martin admits it was his fault his wife died.
Sunday 31 March 2024
Episode 10

Hannes threatens to tell Tristan the truth about Yolande is she keeps on seeing him. The fishermen retaliate against Martin, and take it out on Lucy’s dear penguin.

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