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Apply Now to SA Got Talent Auditions 2024 | Online Application, Requirements, Dates & Venue

We Pleased to keep you inform about SA Got Talent Auditions 2024 | How to Apply & Requirements

We are pleased as we keep you updated about Sa Got Talent Auditions 2024 | Applications, Dates & Requirements

This has become necessary as we have deemed it fit to satisfy curiosity concerning the questions several people have been asking and likewise how information about SA’s Got Talent is being delivered.

About SA’s Got Talent

SA’s Got Talent (also known as South Africa’s Got Talent or shorten to SAGT) is a South African television show on and part of the Got Talent series.

Presented by Mo Mahlangu, popularly known as Tol Ass Mo.

Singers, dancers, comedians, variety acts, and other performers compete against each other for audience support.

The winner of each series receives R500,000.


  • The auditions take place in front of the judges and a live audience in a different city across South Africa.
  • During the audition, the judges may show disapproval to the act by pressing a buzzer which lights that lights a red X near them. If all the judges press their buzzers, the act ends immediately.
  • To advance to the second round, auditionees needed to get at least two yes votes or they would be sent home.
  • After the auditions, the judges have to whittle almost 200 successful acts down to just 21.
  • All the performers are called back to discover if they have progressed to the semi-finals.
  • The remaining acts perform across several live semi-finals, with the two most popular acts from each semi-finals winning a position in the final.
  • Unlike the American version, judges may still end a performance early with three Xs in the finals, as with the American version, the judges cannot buzz an act after the semi-finals.
  • The judges are again asked to express their views on each act’s performance.
  • After all acts have been performed, phone lines open for a short time.
  • After the votes have been counted, the act that has polled the highest number of public votes is automatically placed in the final.
  • The judges then choose between the second and third most popular acts, with the winner of that vote also gaining a place in the final. All other acts are then eliminated from the competition.
  • From Season 6, the golden buzzer was added, which, if pressed, would send the contestant straight to the semi-finals.

How to Apply | Application Instructions For SA’s Got Talent 2024

1. Rapid Blue and will not be held responsible for any applicants who leave incomplete, incorrect, or inarticulate details.
2. Anyone who is a legal resident of South Africa may enter, except the employees of, Rapid Blue, Kraft Foods and their advertising and promotional agencies, and their immediate families.
3. Children under the age of eighteen need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Your parent or guardian must sign this application form.
4. The judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
5. Each act may enter only once.
6. The producers and broadcaster reserve the right to alter/cancel this event at their discretion.
7. Terms and Conditions apply
8. The information given by you in this form may be used in the programme, “SA’s Got Talent” should you be selected.
9. You acknowledge and agree to abide by the rules, regulations, terms and conditions governing this competition as determined by the company (the “Rules”) and that the Rules may be changed (including without limitation verbally) at any time by the Company and that you will be bound by such Rules. The Company’s decisions shall be final.
10. All personal details and/or information given in your application either in this form or otherwise must be truthful, accurate and in no way misleading.
11. The company reserves the right to disqualify you if you have supplied untruthful, inaccurate or misleading personal details and/or information, have failed to abide by the Rules and/or are in breach of the terms hereof.
12. You will not, without the Company’s prior written consent, publicise or discuss with any third party any information relating to the Audition, Application, the Programme, your appearance, the production team or any participants in the Programme nor any other information which may come to your attention (including without limitation in relation to the broadcaster, the Company or otherwise) save where such information is already public knowledge.
13. You must notify the Company, in advance, if you intend to:
I. Perform physical and/or dangerous stunts, explaining the full nature of the stunt;
II. Use any form of equipment required as part of your act. You will be responsible for bringing such equipment (provided it is suitable for the audition location) and are responsible for ensuring that such equipment is safe and/or suitable for its purposes. Pyrotechnics are not permitted.
14. You must tell us if you are using commercial music. Owing to copyright laws, you may be asked to change or re-mix your choice of music. No profanity will be tolerated.

Please take not of the following:

– All singers must provide a backing track – you must provide your own backing track, we will not provide one for you. (The backing track must be on a CD).
– Dancers please bring your backing track on a CD.
– Poets, please bring a hard copy of your poem with you.
– Auditions may not feature nudity or any swear words.

Steps to Apply for SA’s Got Talent 2024

You can apply for SA’s Got Talent online and audition from your very own living room.

Here is how you can apply:

  • Email and follow the instructions that the voice behind the call will give you to apply for the auditions.
  • The registered applicants will be informed regarding the date, time, and venue for their auditions.
  • Provide your email address or fax number for you to receive an entry form.
  • Complete the entry form before your scheduled audition and present it at the venue of the auditions.

When will SA’s Got Talent 2024 Start?

SA’s Got Talent Season 10 will premiere on SABC2 on October 2024.

Do well to visit this website often, so you can get updated and never miss important information.

Do you charge for the auditions?

All auditions for SA’s Got Talent are FREE.

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