Tshwane Gospel Choir Auditions Application Form Portal 2024 – Date & Venue

Tshwane Gospel Choir Auditions 2024/2024, Application, How to Apply, Vocalist, Date, Songs & Venue

About Tshwane Gospel Choir Auditions

Tshwane Gospel Choir is a unique community of vocally talented souls from South Africa. With a combination of beautiful harmonies with joyful rhythms, TGC upholds the purpose of serving the community at large through song. The Tshwane Gospel Choir performs contemporary gospel music which interprets African sounds using a variety of musical instruments.

In 2009, a dream and a vision came alive when Bheki Langa, with the help of his wife Boitumelo Langa, formed the Tshwane Gospel Choir with a dream of developing young people by giving them a platform to showcase their talent in order to expose them to international stages. “We formed TGC to celebrate the unique and inspirational power of African Gospel music with a mix of a contemporary gospel sound.”

This multicultural 34 and 6-piece band ensemble performs songs in English, Zulu, Xhosa, Sesotho, Setswana, and Sepedi. With their style of music, the choir resonates well with South Africans of all cultures and language groups, starting with the young right through to the old. This is evident in their packed live performances where loyal crowds of all ages can be seen dancing and singing along to almost every song with unrelenting energy.

God is using Tshwane Gospel Choir to transform hearts across the country. There is a power and truth in Gospel music that connects with the human spirit like nothing else, and leads people to Christ!

Things To Do Before Attending An Audition

When preparing to ace that singing audition, here are 8 things to put in place;

  • Identify The Concept Of The Audition: There are several types of an audition. It could be an audition for a musical theatre, an Opera house, a singing competition, a talent hunt, a choral audition, etc. An Audition comes with its criteria. You are to find out the concept the organizers intend to achieve at the end of the audition I.e. Do not attend a church choir audition performing a secular pop song.
  • Select The Right Songs: Make sure that you choose songs that are simple and short. Songs that you can easily sing and will bring out the best of your voice. If there are lists of selected songs that you have to choose from, please choose songs that best suit your range.
  • Rehearse The Songs: Do not go to the audition hall without rehearsing your chosen song. Get people to listen to your rehearsals and ask them to share their opinion of your performance.
  • Pick The Right Cloth OR Costume: Remember that how you dress is how you want to be addressed. Some auditions might accommodate casual dressing while some would require classy dressing. Just ensure that your dressing does not redirect your judges from focusing on your song.
  • Warm Up And Exercise: This should be a daily routine for every singer. Nevertheless, ensure to have warmed your voice with vocal exercises before going in for an audition.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink a lot of water (room temperature). Staying hydrated makes you feel relieved and vocally healthy for the next song.
  • Stay Positive: There is a tendency for you to fear and worry. Do not be afraid. Stay positive. See yourself as a talented singer that the world needs to hear. Even if all the contestants before you were rejected. Have the confidence that you would be unique to your judges.
  • Prayer: Do not forget to pray. Prayer goes a long way to ensure that your presence at the audition will be filled with grace.

Tshwane Gospel Choir 2024 Audition Opening, Date & Venue

Currently, the Auditions Tshwane Gospel Choir Audition is yet to Open for 2024, Check Back we will Update you as soon as it is released.

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